Miss Horlogerie, a 25-year-old Amsterdam-based girl who has a huge affection and addiction to watches. Since I was was a little kid I wore a watch all the time, I still have that watch a green swatch with little cars on it. But time changes and my passion for the timepieces and the craft of making them the design really gets to me. So I started out small the first watch I’ve got was a Breathing for Bentley Navimeter, quite a manly watch, and that’s also the look I’m always going for. I love it when girls wear bulky manly watches it shows sexiness and why do have we have to wear only women watches?  So the Navimeter, it wasn’t short after that I’ve purchased my second watch a Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Prix 2009. With owning two of these astonishing pieces I’ve got into the mechanical side of things. Complications, brands, detailing were the things I didn’t have even heard of. So I began to do research visit different boutiques and inform about the watches the brands.

My collection is not big it’s just the things I can afford right now in life and where I have a connection. Also, I think a watch must mark a special event in life. For example, my Frederique Constant World Timer was a present for my 18th birthday. The reason for getting a Frederique Constant is a whole other story, my dad bought my mom a Frederique Constant when she became 50 it is a gorgeous white gold watch with pearl dial and 2 hearts where the flywheel in “beats”, one heart presenting me the other my dad. When my dad turned 50 my mom bought him a Frederique Constant so it’s quite a special brand for me. Not that it’s one of the most know brands but it’s the story of the watch.

So now you know who Miss Horlogerie is,