The Greubel Forsey Hand Made 1 represents a significant shift in the watchmaking industry, as it embraces the art of traditional craftsmanship. In a world dominated by production and automation,piece stands as a testament to the dedication and skill required to create a truly exceptional watch.

The process of crafting the Hand1 is a labor-intensive endeavor, with each timepiece taking6,000 hours of meticulous work. The watchmakers at Greubel Forsey have gone back to the roots of watchmaking, where every component is made by hand using only hand-operated tools. This approach harkens back to a time before industrialization, when watchmakers had to rely on their expertise and craftsmanship to create timepieces of unparalleled quality.

The Hand Made 1 showcases the expertise of the watchmakers at Greubel Forsey, as they meticulously construct each of the 272 movement and 36 case parts. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the watch, from intricate to the finely finished case. This dedication to perfection is what sets Greubel Forsey apart from other watchmakers.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Hand Made 1 is the tourbillon cage, which takes almost 35 times longer create than a standard tourbillon. This showcases the level of precision and skill required to produce such a complex mechanism entirely by hand. Each screw, no matter how small, crafted through a series of individual operations, taking up to 8 hours to complete. The wheels, too, are a testament to the painstaking craftsmanship involved, with each one taking 600 times longer to make than an industrial wheel.

The result of this dedication to craftsmanship is a timepiece that is truly unique. From the movement to the case, the leather strap to the dial and hands, every aspect of the Hand1 is created by hand. The only exceptions are a few select components, such as the sapphire crystals and jewels. This attention to detail and commitment to traditional watchmaking techniques is what makes the Hand Made 1 a true work of art.

With only two or three Hand Made 1 timepieces produced each year, owning one of these watches is a rare privilege. It is a symbol of exclusivity and craftsmanship, a testament to the enduring beauty of handmade timepieces. The Greubel Forsey Hand Made 1 represents a revival of traditional watchmaking, a return to a time when each watch was a masterpiece created the hands skilled artisans.